Each septic tank built by Bethany Septic Supply is constructed to accommodate up to four feet of dirt and is based on an Infiltrator Systems design. The inventory also includes risers, lids, Quick4 chambers, ATL treatment bundles, and sewage pump tanks, among other septic system-related components. We also provide underground potable water tanks. Professional septic system installers and independent contractors are invited to submit inquiries. A few miles south of Peterborough, Bethany Septic Supply primarily caters to the Central Ontario region.

Installing a septic system is a requirement for new construction in rural regions and for structures in places without public sewers. We have decades of expertise installing both small and big sewage systems. In addition, we are licensed to set up and manage Ecoflo wastewater systems, which are smaller than conventional trench septic systems or elevated filter beds. Request a free quote from us today! Septic tanks Bethany Ontario Canada ensure that your septic system is trouble-free for a very long time with inspections and routine maintenance. For instance, in order to keep them in good operating condition, septic tanks with effluent filters must be repaired annually. Septic inspections are also crucial when purchasing and selling a house.

Before Pumping a Septic Tank

In a conventional septic system, all of the water and wastes it carries go through one main sewage pipe, past the home’s drainage system, and into the septic tank. Wastewater may flow naturally by gravity or may be accelerated by an electric pump. The waste is kept in the septic tank long enough for the solids to sink to the bottom and the liquids, which will eventually become the scum, to float to the top. Once the tank is full, the liquids on top of the scum subsequently run down a network of permeable pipes and out onto a drain field that has been prepared with gravel and other stones to assist spread the waste.