The discipline of yoga can be traced back to 5000 years since that is when the first written texts describing yoga were uncovered. Some experts claim that the practice of yoga is even older than that since it used to be an oral tradition before it started being written into religious scripts. While Yoga did originally begin in India, its influence and benefits have managed to reach people all over the world, and almost every country has at least one yoga studio somewhere or the other. If you are interested in becoming a yogi and having your yoga practice, then you can look into the Marianne Wells Yoga Teacher Training program.

Becoming a yogi or yoga teacher is not an easy feat, so you have to willing to put in the time and work for it. It takes discipline and rigorous training to become qualified, and you can get your training from a proper training program or from a yogi that is licensed to teach so that you can earn a qualification as well.

A certain level of expertise is needed before you become skilled enough to draw in people to come and learn from you.

As we mentioned before, there are yogi training programs, and depending on how many programs you complete, you will earn a qualification. If there is a proper board or respectable yoga institution where you live, then training from there will boost both your qualifications and your popularity. Once you have gotten your training, you have the option to teach as you please. You can work in a known studio with other instructors, you can have your studio or you can work independently as you please. You can continue doing your full-time job and then work as a yogi on the side, the possibilities are endless.