Nowadays sustainable products are in great trend because everyone has to maintain their health to improve their quality of life. In the olden days, everyone had a farm and produced their needs using manures from the waste of home and animal wastes. Because of modernization nowadays there is no farming land, for agriculture requires the need of bulk products from limited lands. To increase the product quantity, a lot of chemical fertilizers come to play. These increase the farm produce but decrease the quality by leaving the chemical residues in the product and also in the land which alters both fertility and product ability of the soil. Consumption of these products leads to a lot of health issues like cancer, organ failures, etc. These health effects make the people nowadays switch again to the traditional method of cultivation.

Organic farming is the cultivation of plant products naturally using biological materials like farm wastes, animal wastes, without using synthetic fertilizers helps to reduce pollution and maintaining ecological balance, biological cycles, and soil fertility. It makes the use of biological pesticides and insecticides like parasites and predators. These are the biological organisms like microbes and insects that help in pest and disease control, neutralizing the effects of pests and diseases of the crops by killing them. Here enriching of the soil using natural fertilizers like cow dung manures before sowing of the seeds. The water for the crops is from rainwater or stored water. After the crop sprouts, weeds will come which deter the growth of the crops. In this, they remove weed with the help of hand instead of using weedicides and the major advantages are:

  • Maintain the nutritional value of plants, better taste to the products because there is no processing to increase the shelf life.
  • There are no hormones, antibiotics, animal byproducts like drugs that help the product to maintain naturally.
  • Fetch high market rates because of mineral contents.

  • Organic meat, the egg is available which is by the natural products as a feed to the livestock.
  • Free from antioxidants. People with allergies prefer these foods helps in the reduction of responses.
  • There are herbicides, fungicides, weedicides, and insecticides.
  • There is no genetic modification of plants in response to insecticides.
  • In this type of farming more money goes straight away to the farmers, which helps them improve their lives.
  • These products fetch chief value in the local market itself because of their high demand.

There are certification procedures for these products for their marketability. Following stringent conditions and maintaining the natural ways throughout the farm helps to increase the product generation of these kinds of products.