The pandemic had major effects on industries and you are no stranger to the fact that the opportunities have diminished because of the unexpected drop in the economy, but when you look at the positive side, the lockdown has paved the way for new employment opportunities, and here is a list of professions that you can hunt and how can you up skill yourselves for the same.

Online tutoring:

This lockdown time has been fruitful to people who found their long-forgotten hobbies, passion, etc. this time has been rewarding. If you are passionate about teaching, you can go about tutoring. It is a great way to beat the financial crisis. If you have second thoughts about your current job, you can strongly opt for online tutoring, which is indeed a lucrative profession.


People who are well versed in technology are ruling their profession. There is an increased need for cloud engineers, developers, technicians, and more. Provided the lockdown situation, everything is becoming virtual nowadays. We have reached a point where education, IT, healthcare, entertainment, even weddings have taken place virtually. There is a need for mobile developers, UI/UX developers, and data scientists as well. This is good news for all the techies out there.


The healthcare industry has kept its position during the pandemic. The demand for healthcare items increased more than expected, and as a result, the healthcare industry remained to stay at its peak. So the healthcare industry stayed the same, and maybe it will stay the same even after the pandemic gets over. You can without a doubt pursue a profession in healthcare if you are qualified for the industry.

Digital Marketing:

Marketing job is quite an honorable profession. With digital marketing, it helps companies to cut down marketing spends, and it is a more productive way of following customers. This field will require PPC practitioners, SEO experts, and email marketing specialists. Digital marketing is an exceptional skill, and there are a lot of ways you can learn this skill online.

Cybersecurity Professionals:

The cybersecurity industry seems to thrive as all the companies are turning towards technology; it can become important to secure important, confidential data. That’s where cybersecurity comes in. Sectors like education and even government organizations are slowly functioning online. That calls for more opportunities for cybersecurity professionals.

These are just the major jobs in their respective field, There are more career options which can suit your skill sets, All you have to do is to be in constant search for opportunities, If you want to have a career to help you get empowered, be persistent with the efforts, you can get amazing results.