Kohler 20RRESCL-200SELS Air-Cooled Standby Generator Review

In terms of popular and effective generators for the purpose of backup power, KOHLER generator is second to none. There will be periods when either a power cut happens or a storm causes an abrupt loss of power, a 14/20 kW KOHLER generator has the ability to keep your vital appliances working, the A/C or heat generators still functioning and the home security system in order.

There are four very good reasons to invest in a KOHLER system. Firstly, the system is very powerful. It is able to automatically cause the restoration of power to the home’s most important appliances and electronics in a matter of just 10 seconds. Secondly, you can be sure that KOHLER will work and is reliable due to being equipped with a heavy-duty and robust engine which can withstand any type of extreme weather, ensuring it is prepared for all eventualities. Next, KOHLER comes with premium warranty, being covered with not just 5-year protection, but also coming physically equipped in a long-lasting corrosion-proof enclosure. Finally, you can be sure of KOHLER’s success in your home as it is the holder of many awards, including the Building Product magazine’s most prestigious Most Valuable Product (MVP) award in 2010.

KOHLER is powered by the very best of sources. One of these is PowerBoost technology, which is a very commonly used source of powering large loads due to its ability to specifically provide power to systems such as central air conditioners without compromising power to the other appliances. KOHLER also comes with the KOHLER Command PRO engine, which comes with hydraulic valve lifters that are designed to stop long break-in periods and costly adjustments for valves.

KOHLER also comes with an RDC2 controller, which is ideal for the sophisticated electronic devices of today. The RDC2 controller is able to manage both the main generator set and the Model RXT transfer switch functions. Another added bonus provided by the RDC2 controller is that it makes the KOHLER system quiet and subsequently neighbourhood-friendly. KOHLER also runs on either liquid propane (LPG) or conventional natural gas, both sources being able to be switched up at different times.

Installation of KOHLER is through a very simple, streamlined process. It comes with a simple terminal block in order to have easy field connections. In addition, it can also come with concrete mounting pads to further make installation simpler and less expensive. However, an essential component required with KOHLER is a Group 51, 6VSG battery. This has shown to work with top reliability in generator sets and meets the NFS requirements for all engine-cranking cycles. The overall cost of KOHLER is around $4,600, with the 6VSG battery costing an additional $95.

We have all experienced situations when there is an unexpected power shortage due to a number of events. In such situations, being prepared is of utmost importance, so what better way is there than installing your house with the KOHLER generator? This will ensure that in any power-shortage event, you will be able to function as normal in the house.